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Lake House

On a pond in Concord Ma, very similar to Walden Pond, a couple chooses to build, from the ground up, a new lake house, on the site of an old fishing retreat.

As zoning dictates, several walls had to be left in place, but little else.


Construction is scheduled to start in April 2007

A floor is being added, and an entirely new floor plan and room relationships, that maximize the light and views of the pond.

Because of the steep site, the new house is being built into the hillside, and the bedroom floor is the ground floor.

Staying with a traditional look was paramount, both for the neighborhood’s sake and the taste of the owners.

A model shows the intended new massing. I think we were able to capture something of the idea “Lake house" in the solution.

From the street, the house appears quite modest, but is now approximately 3,500 sq. ft.

There are decks at all 3 levels, as well as the stairs and landing to the pond.

The main living floor, (the 2nd floor), and front entrance are now nearer street level.

Extensive landscaping and stonework will help establish the house as an organic part of the local natural community and neighborhood.

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