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Miscellaneous Projects

This is a page of miscellaneous projects. We hope the theme comes through that we design an individual solution for the individual client.

We listen very well and work well with the input, ideas and options from the client.

Renovated Kitchen with Upper Deck

We added onto a kitchen in the one spot that overlooks some open area, in the sun. We opened up the walls with doors and trellis, to point the way.

Renovated Attic:

A concert pianist had an unfinished attic, with an old, tilted chimney at the center.

We added a dormer, and made the chimney into a musical sculpture, and a see-through stair bookcase railing.

Meditation Garden:

The Franciscan Friary in Andover requested a meditation garden.

We designed a 1,400 sq .ft. continuous walk garden, with a fountain in the center, and surrounded it with large-scale trellises.

Post Modern Interior:

In Chestnut Hill, a big old ranch house needed conversion to something truly modern.

We went post-modern, with open corners and interesting shapes.

Winding Staircase:

An old Sears Victorian in Brookline had been broken up into apartments.

What better way to re-unite the house as one, than build a new winding stair up through the center?

Transformed Bathroom:

In Newton, an old, small bathroom was all they had.

We added a dormer, and used special materials to magnify the space.

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