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Russell's Garden Center

Russellís Garden Center at Boston Post Rd. Wayland, MA, is over 100 years old.

It had accrued over that period, a dizzying collection of little spaces and outbuildings to contain their merchandise and plants.

It was every which way, and everything had to be moved by hand.

Despite its venerable place in Waylandís community, nothing on the site reflected that quality.

We determined to build a substantial building that would swallow up 4 of the smaller buildings.

This streamlined their operation with receiving, storage, distribution, office, and sales areas.

A lecture hall would be on the top floor.

A new elevator constructed for the purpose helped greatly.

The new building orientation, overlooking a large courtyard of garden areas and buildings.

The finished construction produces the feeling of "Wayland Town Hall" in spirit and civic involvement.


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